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How to sprout mung beans

How to sprout mung beans / moong dal

Sprouting mung beans - step-by-step instructions. Sprouted mung beans are a rich source of nutrition. Now you can make them easily in just a few steps!
Course Salad
Cuisine All
Keyword Sprouting
Prep Time 12 hours
Sprouting Time 12 hours
Total Time 1 day
Servings 6 people
Author Niveditha


  • Cheesecloth or a muslin cloth
  • Mesh Strainer



  • Wash the mung beans and drain the water (optional). Add the mung beans to a bowl. Top it off with 2 cups of water.
  • Cover the bowl and let it soak for 8-12 hours. Preferably during the daytime.
  • After the soak time is over, drain the water and set it aside.
  • Spread a cheesecloth or a muslin cloth over a mesh strainer and add the soaked mung beans to it.
  • Gather the edges of the cloth, leave about 3-4 inches of space and secure the ends with a rubber band or a twine.
  • Leave it in on your kitchen counter for 12 hours preferably overnight. *
  • Undo the fastening around the cloth, transfer the sprouts to an airtight container.
  • Use it as right away or store in in the refrigerator!


  • Soak Time: I like to soak the beans in the morning and then move it to the muslin cloth by evening. This way the beans can be left to sprout overnight.
  • Sprout Time: You can notice sprouting after 10 hours. You can leave them to sprout from 10-20 hours. If you're gonna let it sprout for more than 12 hours, you will have to the parcel of beans in cold water a couple of times and then place it back on the mesh strainer. This is to prevent drying, otherwise you'd notice browned shoots.
  • You can use the sprouts immediately or store it for later use.
  • Storage: the sprouts stay well for one week in the refrigerator.